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Attention Busy Professionals:

Are you ready to unlock your natural superpower of health and vitality?

In only 6 weeks, you can become the person you've always aspired to be with Naturally Driven Fitness. Our training programs are designed to help achieve your goals and transform your body into terrific shape, full of energy, and brimming with confidence.


Let us help you unlock your full potential and become the best version of yourself. Join us today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you.


Our unique program is tailored to unlock that hidden potential within you, guiding you to lose weight and tone your body faster and easier than ever before.

What's Included In This 6 Week Fat loss Program

  • Six weeks of personalized video workouts, complete with detailed guidance on form and execution

  • A customized nutrition plan with a breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbs- making your daily meal planning a breeze.

  • Exclusive access to our all-in-one fitness app, your central hub for tracking workouts, meals, and progress pictures.

  • Delivery of scrumptious, chef-inspired meals with easy to track nutrition label making losing weight that much easier. Say goodbye to cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

  • Health and sport supplements, curated to boost recovery and amplify your results directly ship to you. You will be shipped various products that are tailored to your exact goals.

  • A easy to follow dynamic stretching routine video, complete with video to enhance your mobility and prevent injuries.

  • Access to our Private facebook online community, where motivation and support thrive.

  • Private weekly zoom calls to keep you on track and connected to our team of experts for any questions you may have.


What our Client's Have To Say

Our Guarantee: Lose at least 6 Lbs in Just 6 week's by embracing our comprehensive program. You'll eat right, train effectively, and be part of a community that's all about real, sustainable weight-loss.

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About Us:

At Naturally Driven Fitness, we're not just fintess experts, we're your partners in building the life you've always dreamed of. Our holistic approach, rooted in a passion for total wellness, has transformed hundreds of lives since 2016, earning us a flawless five-star Google rating.

Why Choose Us?

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Discover the difference we make. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who have witnessed firsthand the power of a Naturally Driven Fitness journey. Our success is not just in numbers but in real, visible transformations

Frequently Ask Questions

If you can't find the answer your looking for here, please book your discovery call and we would be happy to answer it then.

What is all included in the 6 week fat loss program? 

This six week fat loss program Includes: 


  1. 6 Weeks of video Workouts with reps sets and instructions ($300 value)

  2. 60 Healthy done for you chef inspired Meals delivered to your doorstep ($800 value)

  3. 5 Sport supplements: Pre-workout or Electrolytes, protein powder, Muti-vitamin, Joint support, Glutamine delivered to you ($200 value)

  4. Exclusive App Access to our fitness app where you where log nutrition and follow workouts daily. ($100 value)

  5. (2) Recipe E-Books with over twenty recipes ($100 value)

  6. (6) Private Zoom Calls ($500 value)

  7. 24/7 Customer Support with chat, text, or email ($200 value)

  8. Free Swag after successfully completing the 6 Week Program - T-Shirt, Shaker cup. ($100)

How Does This Fat Loss Program Work exactly details please? 

This six week fat loss program combines several Scientifically backed strategies to ensure maximum success for anyone who follows the plan precisely. 


  • High Intensity training

  • progressive overload

  • carb cycling

  • Strength Training


High intensity Interval Training is all about doing quick bursts of exercise that get your heart rate pumping. This is backed by science to help your body burn fat more efficiently, even after you're done exercising, so you're a fat burning machine all day long.


Now lets about Progression Overload. You will start with lighter weight and easier exercises and then as time goes on the rep ranges and amount of weight you lift will change. This will make your body stronger and stronger as you continue the program.


Carb cycling is like giving your body the perfect blend of fuel at just the right times. Some days you will get a little extra, and other days you will dial it back. It's like giving your body a personalized nutrition plan! Plus it keeps your metabolism revved up and ready to tackle the workouts like a champ.

Who exactly is this exercise program for ? What if I've never workout before? 

This program is for male and female beginner, intermediate, or even expert. This program is made for anyone looking to lose some weight ( at least 10lbs) and build muscle at the same time. This is also going to enhance your cardio respiratory endurance as well. 

Do I need to workout at a gym? 

Not necessarily, you can train at home with things like a bench, dumbbells etc. But it would be ideal to have all the equipment available that you’d find at any local gym.If you’re thinking about buying some equipment to keep at home, I’ll be able to advise on the best pieces to suit your personal needs.

How does the diet plan work and what about if I have any allergies? 

The diet plan will be customized completely to you including your macronutrients breaking down your protein, fats, and carbohydrates you should be eating each day. Your Meals will be sent directly to you all you have to do is warm them up and track them within our fitness app to make sure your hitting your goals accurately. Any Allergies will be taken into account during your strategy call with us before signing up. 

What is the onboarding process like and what can I expect if I sign up?

After you provide your contact details on this page and click submit you will be automatically on our health questionnaire.


On this form we learn more about you and use this information to customize your fitness plan. After you submit that form you will be emailed instantly to book a call with us to complete the sign up process.


Simply click email check spam if necessary and click link to schedule a call with us at your earliest connivence.


On the scheduled call we will talk about all the details of the program and fully explain everything and anything you have questions about. After all questions have been answered we will take a payment and send over all information instantly and you are all set.


The Meals and the supplements will arrive within a week or less after successful payment has been received and then you are ready to start your 6 week Fat loss program!

How is the workout program delivered to me? Is it a pdf, is it through email etc?

The workouts are delivered through our fitness app. Here you will find the exact exercises prescribed and how many reps, sets you need to do for each week. We even provided a video of each exercise being performed correctly with expert cueing during the video. This way it ensures you're doing everything correctly and effectively, while staying injury free. 

How am i going to be required to track my daily foods? 

You simply will track all foods within our fitness app. You will either scan barcodes of the foods or search it in the database and you can even track custom meals simply by inputing the information.

How will I keep track of my progress during each week of the program? 

Each week you will be taking progress pictures and updating your body weight and measurements in our app. Our team of experts will be looking at all this and making sure you're on the track with your results.

What if I have old injuries in my knees, shoulders or back can I still do this program and see results? 

Yes Definitely! We will modify any exercises to  the level that is safe and effective for you to see amazing results throughout the entirety of this program.

Does this program have to be done on certain times of the day or can I do it as i see fit for my personal scheduling as i am a very busy person most of the time? 

This program can be done at any time of the day. The most important part is that you just complete the workouts daily to see results that you are looking for.

How many days a week is this program? How long is each Workout? 

This program is six days a week with Sunday's off. The workouts should not take you any longer than 45 - 60 mins each day depending on your current fitness level you are starting the program at. 

I see this is a fat loss program does this require additional cardio outside of the gym to see results? 

That is the beauty of this program! This program combines strength training with HIIT- (High Intensity Interval Training), training during all the workouts. This means there is no additional cardio needed to see results only what is in your workouts each day.

I see there Meals and supplements delivered to me and it's included in this program, but what am i exactly getting as far as meals and supplements?

We have formed a two major strategic partnerships  to provide you with the the highest quality Supplements and best tasting meals available on the market. You will receive four supplements and sixty meals for the entire six week program

What if I have a question about foods, supplements, workouts and I want it to be answered in a timely manner? 

Our team would be glad to answer any questions you may have come up by either direct chat, email, or even a zoom call if possible. 

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