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In this hour long assessment we will be going through eight specific tests on your your physical capabilities.

We will take measurements and body fat measurements as well. We also break down all the details of our training packages and everything that is included in our services. We will be interviewing you to work with us as well.

We are highly selective on who join’s because we only want to work with individuals that are willing to follow our plan and who are there to get results!

If your not committed to investing in your health and not sure about your level of commitment please do NOT APPLY!

Intital Health Assessment and Biomechanics Evaluation

  • Upon signing up for private in person training the cost of the assessment will come off your agreed packaged price at sign up. If you choose not to sign up for anything you will still be responsible for the payment of consultation.

    No refund will be given for any missed consultation appointments. No exceptions.

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