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So here it is! My postpartum transformation while exclusively breastfeeding 🤱🏼

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

My third pregnancy I was unable to lift or be as active as I was in my other two. As a result I lost a lot of my hard earned muscle. (that took years to build)

Here is how I mentally and physically got back to where I wanted to be in 8 short months all the while being wife, a mother of 3 now, breastfeeding and helping hubby run the business.

At 3 months pp when I’d look in the mirror I was so proud of my body for growing a human and now nourishing them, but I hated the way I looked. I knew it was only up to ME to change my appearance. So I choose one small goal daily- A walk every day no matter how short, just get outside and walk. The sunlight and being outside helped me mentally as all moms know that postpartum dumps suck! The walking got my body moving again and it felt amazing to do something for myself toward my own goals.

Around 4 months pp I added in lifting consistently 5 days a week. At 4.5 months pp I added in hitting my macros (enough to still be producing milk).

From 4.5 months pp on I was lifting daily for 45mins, 5days a week and getting an outside walk 3/4 days a week. Tracking and hitting my macros and getting enough water down (always did this because of breastfeeding)

I stayed consistent. Even on the days I was sluggish and felt rushed. The days I felt guilty leaving the girls or having them sit for 45 mins while I lifted. I KNEW and there was no other option in my mind that it had to get done. I knew the short moments I felt weak or like I was getting no where was only my mind telling me to give up…take the easier route. I’d get my butt to the gym quickly in those days and move and guess what happened!? I felt % better. Clearer mind,body feeling strong and mentally felt like a warrior one step closer to my goals.

Fast forward to 10 months pp. My world crumbled and once again I was in a living nightmare. My daddy called me and said “I wanted to call you first before anyone else did…” He was in the hospital for shortness of breath. I knew deep in my heart something was terrible wrong. A very long week of driving back and forth to Orlando daily to wait for the results that crushed us all. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive lung cancer and passed away the following day. I was faced with a mountain of numbness and sadness

I could have buried my grieving heart in alcohol,food, drugs, sleeping.. or anything for that matter. But I CHOSE to feel it and go through it. I knew nothing would erase what happened or bring him back. So why destroy my life and health? Instead I stepped foot right back in the gym and just moved. It is life changing when you can find a positive thing to do after you loose someone. Working out and feeling my muscles burn helped me to feel alive and not numb. Yes I still have tears fall and I forever will because he was a part of me and always will Now here we are 12months pp and still breastfeeding. Main thing I do daily- Hit my personal macros Gallon of water Lift weights 5x week

Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep Get outside to feel the sunlight Limit social media scrolling (it’s an emotional rollercoaster reading something happy then sad over and over) I share my story to inspire other moms/women to KNOW they too can achieve their goals. They can feel strong and beautiful again. They can have a clear mind and not always feeling foggy. They can feel energized and full of life. They can love themselves and feel proud of themselves again.

I know God put me on this earth to help other women work through life’s ups and downs while continuing to put their health as a priority. If you’re a woman or mom wanting to put your health first and start on your health journey click the link below to set up a strategy call and learn more about my Online Personal Training Package.

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