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Learn How to Make your own Meal Plan!

Updated: Oct 22, 2022


Everyone always tells me I should never give away all my secrets for fat loss and building muscle. Luckily for you, I didn't listen to them!

In today's Email, I want to break down how you can setup up your nutrition plan with a few tips from me.

First, we will set up your nutrition plan. To do this we will take your current weight and do some simple multiplication to figure out our macronutrients. We are designing how many calories you will eat daily and the breakdown of calories into protein, fats, and carbs.

Step 1. ( Protein) Multiply your current body weight by 1g of protein. ( For example, you weigh 200lbs = 200g protein)

Step 2. (Fat) Multiply 0.5 by your current weight and this will be the number of fats you will eat daily. ( For example 200lbs people will eat around 100g of fat per day)

Step 3. ( Carbs) Simply multiply 1g per pound

Step 4. Total everything up for this example above the breakdown looks like this:

Carbohydrates 4 calories per gram = 800 protein 4 calories per gram = 800 Fat 9 calories per gram. = 900 ( add all them together to get your calories)

Total calorie daily allowance= 2,500

Protein: 200g

Fat: 100G

Carbs: 200g

I hope you will use this information to set up a meal plan that will help you to your health and fitness goals. If you use a tracking app for food intake that helps a lot with accountability.

If you're confused and just want me to design your meal plan that is completely fine as well. All of our training, online training, offer a customized meal plan with app access.

A customized meal plan means I will get more details from you. In this plan, I will make it off your unique characteristics and body type. These plans will typically produce faster results as they are custom to you.

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